International Dialing Codes for Country

Choose the Country, where you want to call

International Dialing Codes for Country

Country codes are a necessary component of the international telephone numbering plan, to dial a telephone number from one Country to another. These codes are dialed before the national phone number.

By convention, international telephone numbers are represented by the country code prefix with a plus sign (+). This signal also tells the sender of the call that the international prefix must precede the local prefix, so it is the first to be dialed.

Internet telephony.

The cheapest way to make an international call is to dial the Internet. An easy method to make voice calls over the Internet - VoIP, is to install a software application such as Skype, or WhatsApp, on your computer, or on the Smartphone.

It is always good to check if the recipient, who is in another country, has this method of receiving calls, over the internet.
International Calling Codes

Keep looking for the area code, the foreign city, for you to make your call. Choose the Country. If you choose the United States, also select the State and then the city.

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Instructions for making international calls

You want to make an international call and not know how to use the codes? We will help you, or at least try to help.

Start with the dial, adding the international dialing code, which many countries use 00.

Then choose the city, if you dial to the United States, select the state, then choose the city.

You will see the area code of the selected city. Follow the instructions.

Probably, your call will be as follows:

00 + 1 + 99 + 123456789

This is just one example. Follow our page to see the dialing code of the city.

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